Scientific Instruments, Inc. provides the best in cryogenic temperature sensors and instrumentation to the scientific and industrial communities with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and support.

Temperature sensors include Silicon Diode, Ruthenium Oxide, and Platinum RTD sensors. These sensors are used in petrochemical, aerospace, laboratory and research, high energy physics devices and industrial applications.
Temperature instruments include controller & monitor
The Raman Gas Analyzer System (RGAS) measures the composition of natural gas. The system is based upon equipment that has been successfully deployed at industrial sites for more than ten years. The laser-based analyzer has been outfitted with a predictive algorithm for natural gas and has now been introduced to the energy sector. The RGAS displaces gas chromatograph-based (GC) measurement equipment in select Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas (NG) sampling applications.
 The Model 6290 Tank Gauging System is capable of providing automatic continuous level gauging, temperature monitoring, and density measuring of liquid media. These measurements are achieved by means of a PC based control unit and an electro-mechanical drive mechanism which operates as a unit to position a multi-sensor probe assembly suspended within the liquid storage tank. The system can accommodate LNG, propane, butane, ethane, or similar cryogenic media.

Aircraft Temperature Probes  & Cryogenic Temperature Probe Assemblies


The Series 39 is a microprocessor-based signal conditioning module, the Series 44 Temperature Probes are constructed of stainless steel and are hermetically sealed units allowing for installation into hazardous environments. The Series 40 Liquid Level Probes are designed for use with liquid oxygen, liquid hydrogen and liquid nitrogen.


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Scientific Instruments was founded in 1967 by aeronautical engineer Jack Hoey and physicist Gilbert Halverson. Coming from aerospace and Academic backgrounds, they developed the first commercially available Germanium Resistance Thermometer (GRT) and supplied these devices for use on the Atlas rockets and the Apollo Lunar Program.Today, Scientific Instrument Inc is owned and operated by founder Jack’s daughter, Leigh Ann Hoey. An ISO 9001/2008 company, SI is involved in the design and manufacture of cryogenic temperature sensors for laboratory, industrial and medical applications. Other product areas include temperature indicators and controllers, petrochemical tank gauging systems for liquid natural gas (LNG) Storage tanks, LNG composition analyzer systems and aircraft temperature probes which are used on all Boeing and Airbus aircraft.Scientific Instruments product line reaches a global marketplace. We are committed to providing the very best customer service through our experienced staff and other fully trained, global representatives. Management stands behind its Quality System which supports and ensures customer requirements are met and fully satisfied.Leigh Ann Hoey