New Products:

Free-piston cryocooler from 40K to 77k and controllers.
Temperature sensors: Silicon Diode, Ruthenium Oxide RTD, Platinum Resistance Thermometer, Chromel/Gold™ Thermocouple.

Glassblowing fabrication, calibration weights, pyrex and quartz repairs, environmental testing equipment, oil distillation, Medical Cannabis industry supplies


CNC Machined parts

Custom metal parts (stainless steel, aluminum , alloys etc)

Custom  plastic parts, PTFE, Nylon

Custom Borosilicate and Quartz glass parts, ground to size, glass cutting, tempered & chemical strengthening , surface lapping & polishing, drilling,

Other materials available



super inkjet printer sij-s030

Super Inkjet technology developed by the National Institute of Advanced
Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) allows the ejection of super-fine droplets
much smaller than the droplets ejected by a conventional inkjet printer – 1/10
smaller in size and 1/1000 smaller in volume. There are three printer area sizes available
SIJ-S030 30x30mm
SIJ-S050 50x50mm
SIJ-S150 150x150mm


chemiluminescence analyzer
There are three kinds of product models and four kinds of sample chambers.
You can select and combine to make the best system for your research.




Vacuum Pump Oil & Vane


Lasalle Custom Glassblowing & Repair Service

Custom & repair glassblowing to Borosilicate, quartz, sodalime, lead glass and others. From laboratory glass to large distillation reactors and for industries like food, milk  weigh jar,  pharmaceutical, environmental, chemical, aerospace, nanotech & biotech and others. Custom glass Christmas ornaments and artist pieces available.







Goat Milk Glass Weigh Jar



Pumps & FLowmeters

Aalborg Pump Catalog 201601

Aalborg 201604 Mass Flow Catalog

Aalborg 201604 Rotameter

Aalborg EM201501 Paddlewheel flow meter A

Aalborg 201501 Paddlewheel Flow meter B