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JULABO North America is committed to being the leader in the Constant Temperature Circulator and Water Bath industry. This is achieved by our constant efforts to anticipate customer needs and to assist customers in achieving their goals. Quality will be improved and costs reduced thru dynamic innovation. Our equipment shall be of the highest quality with sales, service, and support delivered at consistent quality levels that exceed our customer’s expectations. Julabo strives to offer our people challenging careers with opportunities for growth with competitive rewards. We encourage our people to take risks and think outside the box. By living these principles, JULABO will accomplish our leadership goal in the industry in North America and beyond

Our Product Overview

JULABO Refrigerated and Heating Circulators are suitable for temperature application to external systems with simultaneous operation in the bath tank. Models in different performance classes are available.

Refrigerated Circulators

Innovation is our tradition:
The JULABO circulator program features functional solutions for daily applications. Whether in research, material testing or in production – the well proven and reliable technology is valued by users in all industries. With JULABO circulators, rely on innovative temperature control technology that sets standards.

Heating Circulators

JULABO Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems are designed specifically for extremely fast heat-up and cool-down times in external applications. These units deliver extraordinary power and cover wide temperature ranges without the need to change the bath fluid. These characteristics make Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems ideal for controlling the temperature of jacketed reaction vessels.

Highly Dynamic Temperature Control Systems

JULABO recirculating coolers can handle virtually any cooling requirements in laboratories or industrial environments. Their efficiency makes them an environmentally-friendly and economical alternative to cooling with tap water. Compact models from JULABO are ideal for placement on or underneath a laboratory bench. JULABO offers several powerful models with up to 20 kW of cooling capacity for applications in industrial environments.

Recirculating Coolers

The Water Baths of the TW series or Shaking Waterbaths of the SW series are ideal for routine applications. Examples are temperature control of samples, incubations, material testing, corrosion tests, cell cultivation, food and beverage testing. All TW and SW Baths are robust instruments of high quality. Their working temperature ranges from +20 to +99.9 °C qualifying them for a wide variety of applications.

Water Bath & Shaking Wather Bath

This section features additional products for various temperature control applications typical for laboratories. Whether you need to calibrate temperature sensors, cool chemicals or determine the ‚best before‘ date of beer – the comprehensive JULABO program provides the specific solution when it comes to temperature control.

Additional Products

Remote control, monitoring, visualization and documentation: EasyTEMP and WirelessTEMP provide varied possibilities for the simplification and automation of operational processes.

  • Comfortable instrument control and operation direct from the work station
  • Instrument control either via PC or remote control
Easy Control and Wireless Communication