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Caframo is a privately owned Canadian manufacturing company founded in 1955. There are two divisions, “consumer” that provides products that improve one’s personal environment and “laboratory” that provides products that enhance the quality and productivity of scientific endeavour. The laboratory division sells overhead laboratory stirrers, mixing impellers and accessories. They are used for a wide variety of applications that include inks, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and pilot plant applications. Caframo stirrers are known for their rugged construction and dependability.

Parts Catalogues

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Caframo Laboratory Products

The overhead stirrer and accessory line has been developed to make the life of a technician easier in the lab. These products greatly increase daily productivity and give repeatable results every time they are used.

High Torque Overhead Stirrers Stir large volumes of viscous product.
Compact Overhead Stirrers Stir small volumes of aqueous product.
Accessories Stands, clamps, impellers, shafts and other accessories.