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AdNaNoTek’s UHV Deposition Systems (MBE, PLD, IBSD, ALD, Sputter, E-beam Evaporator, etc.) are guaranteed to deposit extremely high quality thin films in terms of purity and uniformity.

AdNaNoTek’s Integrated UHV system is a total system that links different deposition and analytical systems such as MBE, PLD, IBSD, Sputter, Evaporator, STM, XPS, ARPES, 4-probe, PPMS, etc with the use of Linear Tunnel System (LTS) or Radial Distribution Chamber (RDC) System, so samples can be transferred between each systems with ease while maintaining UHV environment.

AdNaNoTek can also help you create a unique system that can provide solutions to your research challenges and needs. AdNaNoTek’s  Customized UHV Systems are reliable, and will surely exceed customer’s expectations.




AdNaNoTek’s Laser heating system is developed as a perfect solution for heating your sample for UHV thin-layer deposition in oxygen- or nitrogen-rich atmosphere. It is easy-to-use, compact, customizable, and has fast and localized heating mechanism. AdNaNoTek’s Laser Heating system is very suitable for laser oxide/nitride epitaxy techniques.

FBBear (Formosa Black Bear) control software is a system-wide control software developed by AdNaNoTek. This built-in software has a user-friendly interface that allows full automation, easy operation, precise parameter tuning, complete data logging and monitoring of AdNaNoTek’s UHV systems with the use of typical desktop computer.

AdNaNoTek can also provide various types of thin-film coating services such as: Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating, Zinc oxide (ZnO) deposition, Tungsten Disulfide (WS2), and the likes. Our coating processes can operate at ultrahigh vacuum, high vacuum, high temperature, room temperature, and other conditions.

With AdNaNoTek’s vast knowledge and experience with UHV systems design and manufacturing, we can assure to provide solutions to your UHV needs. And with our consistent intensive research and customer interaction, we continuously improve and optimize our products and services.

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