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LaSalle Scientific is a manufacturer and distributor of laboratory glassware and equipment from industry leaders. We offer glassware products from Micro Scale to 200 liter Pilot Plant systems. With new products on the leading edge of technology in UHV ultra high vacuum, bean line, mass spectrometer, spectroscopy, computer chip probe station, ceramic feedthroughs,cryogenic temperature sensors.

In 1968 Tom Nagami started the company and later in 1974 purchased the closing company Hackbridge &Hewittic Electric Canada in Lasalle Quebec. Manufacturers of glass Mercury bulb rectifiers for electric trains, subways and elevators. With three glassblowers they started manufacturing and repairing the bulbs and Quartz and Boroscilicate glassblowing for the scientific and general industry. Producing custom laser tubes, alcohol detection tubes for the law enforcement, atmosphere and water sampling systems, military, aerospace and satellite parts to milk weigh jars.

In addition to new products, our service department offers repair service on glassware and electrical/electronic equipment such as vacuum pumps, which will allow the user an inexpensive means of gaining more use from products already in service

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